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SemEx exploitation 

Text mining to explore Food Systems

Semantic Explorer (SemEx) is one of the technical and innovative outputs of the PoliRural research project financed by the Horizon2020 Program of the EU. SemEx's ambitious vision is to provide support to researchers and facilitators by reducing the cognitive load related to tasks that are essential to research, development, and innovation actions. 

Smart & Lean Hub Oy (S&L Hub) is a consortium partner in two Horizon2020 project: PoliRural and CiTIES2030. S&L HUB exploits SemEx in the CITIES2030 work package 3 and task 3.4 which is about systems thinking, system modelling, and food systems. 

The document demonstrates the results of the experiment.  The aim of the experiment is to test the power, features, and outputs of SemEx,  and also limitations, to assess its usability and usefulness.

The main chapters of the document are: 

  1. Main Library: added sources
  2. Curated Reading List (CRL): Food Systems 
  3. Three tools for analytics: Topic Explorer, Polarity Scores and Social Media (incl. KIBANA)

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