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Week for Big and Open Data and Innovation Hubs 2020

will be held on 27 - 30 January 2020 at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague

WORKSHOP 3: with PoliRural stakeholders - 28. January 2020 (1PM - 5PM)

Program of the workshop: What is PoliRural, How to compare the attractiveness of European regions, The role of text mining in POLIRURAL and practical demonstrations, What is PoliRural Innovation Hub, How to facilitate the registration of fiber optic cables at the local level)

MAIN WORKSHOP: "Big and Open Data and Innovative Hubs in Agriculture, Transport and Rural Development" - 30 January 2020 (9AM - 17PM)

The main part of the conference will be devoted to the presentation of practical outputs from already running EU projects: EUXDAT, AFarCloud, PoliRural, SmartAgriHubs, ENABLING, LIVERUR, ROSIE, EO4AGRI, AgriClima.

More information and registration: http://www.wirelessinfo.cz/en/workshop-velka-a-otevrena-data-a-inovacni-huby-v-zemedelstvi-doprave-a-venkovskem-rozvoji/





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We pride ourselves on extensive knowledge, experience and support from the academic world. We always try to be one step ahead.


Detailed analysis of the issue


Planning and solution design


Development, testing and deployment

Live operation

Live operation, evaluation of the results of the science to further steps to improve

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Our services


We are team of experts

Individual approach

Each project has its own specific requirements that need to be analyzed and an optimal solution designed to achieve a successful goal.

Modular solutions

We build projects on a system mulching that can be easily extended with additional components and modules. This allows you to change and add functionality and behavior to the entire system.

Exact approach

When solving projects, developing SW and HW, we use methodologies that guarantee proper coordination and guidance. Ongoing analysis and evaluation eleminates the deviation to meet goals.

Know how

Years of experience and close ties to the academic beliefs of world universities determine access to the knowledge and expertise base.


We have a team of experts who are ready to advise or help with the problem.

Process management

Not only in the initial phase of the project we map out individual processes and thus the behavior of the whole proposed system. The system is described by UML into diagrams and processes.

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SmartAgriHubs is a € 20 million EU project under Horizon 2020 and brings together a consortium of more than 164 partners in the European agri-food sector. The project aims to realize the digitization of European agriculture by supporting an agricultural innovation ecosystem dedicated to excellence, sustainability and success.

The development and adoption of digital solutions is achieved through a tense ecosystem of 140 digital innovation centers built into 9 regional clusters run by organizations closely involved in regional digitization initiatives and funds.

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