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CHALLENGE #1 Best practices catalogue for EBAG (eco-, bio-, agro-, geo-) distance education

Plan4all, a partner of the Polirural project, organizes the COVID INSPIRE Cahckathon. Gradually, it publishes challenges on its website, in which you can also participate!

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Mentors: Otakar Cerba, Kristyna Cerbova

The current COVID-19 period requires to find and use a new approach to education, including stress on individualized learning and training as well as the implementation of distance (remote) methods. This challenge follows Rosie and CentraLab projects which were focused on education and training, including the development of smart catalogues.

The goal of this challenge is to create a tool (database and an interface for users) supporting access and orientation in various web resources. We focus on the EBAG domain, which covers issues related to ecology, bioscience, agriculture and geosciences. The developed tool will be used as a resource of free materials as well as for inspiration and potential networking.

  • The challenge includes the following tasks:
  • To create and test the structure (model) of the database
  • To populate the database
  • To check existing web tools working as catalogues with users’ data
  • To integrate database and catalogue tool
  • To develop or modify a web application for working with data (if it will be necessary)

About your mentors

OTAKAR CERBA Assoc. prof. Otakar Čerba, PhD works at the Department of Geomatics (Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia, Plzeň, Czech Republic) and cooperates with Plan4all. He is focused on cartographic visualization of spatial data, Linked Data on the geographic domain and semantic issues of geographic data. He has been involved in many international projects such as Polivisu, Humboldt, SDI4Apps, SmartOpenData, Plan4all or ROSIE. Otakar Čerba is the member of the board of Czech Association of GeoInformation and the chair of the Commission on Maps and the Internet of International Cartographic Association

KRISTYNA CERBOVA Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague. She works now as a communication manager in ROSIE project – Research and responsible innovation (Central Europe). Experience in education, languages, social sciences with a special focus on philosophy, history and archival science (2005-2007 digitalization activities in the National Archives of the Czech Republic). She works for other Plan4all H2020 projects such as LIVERUR or SIEUSOIL focusing mainly on smart agriculture topics.

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The overall ambition is to design, develop and introduce a platform that which will be modified on the base of real experiences during the project and prepare complex solutions, transferable to pilots and other regions. In addition to that, Polirural DIH aims to offer a solution for the global promotion of pilots. This DIH integrated technology, datasets and libraries in one infrastructure with a complex user-oriented portal in the Web environment. The DIH can connect end-users with developers or researchers to improve the impact of the demo applications or case studies by short-chain feedback from end-users. End users can join larger communities around the DIH to get advice, cooperation potential and access to modern technologies utilisation.


Polirural DIH AIMS TO

Provide a social space for a community of practices

Promote pilots work and support access to their analysis

Promote existing best practices

Offer new tools and technologies for testing

Provide access to digital technologies and competencies

Provide access to infrastructure and tests digital innovations (“test before invest”)

Support effective data management

Provide development playground for map-based projects

Offer training and skills development

Help in networking and connecting users and suppliers of digital innovations