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Galilee - Israel

The Galilee region is a peripheral region in the North of Israel and is far from the heart of the politicians. It was based until recently on agricultural, and now more industries are developing. The agriculture sector is developed, but still needs improvement, while youngsters are leaving the region because of lack of employment.




Upgrading the outputs of the region in both agriculture and business sectors, while employing more young people and bring businesses to stay in the Galilee (including spin-offs and SMEs). Establish a network of the different municipalities in the Galilee and the governmental agencies that will enable the sustainability of the development.


Expected outputs


Expected outputs which are directly targeted to Galilee:

Develop a programme that will be supported by the governmental agencies to modernise and upgrade the Galilee agriculture sector

More young people will join the Kibbutzim and cities in the Galilee, while having jobs they like and will high salaries

Attract more small spin-offs and SMEs to settle in the Galilee by upgrading RD&I in the institutes of the Galilee

Develop the network between the municipalities and stakeholders that will enable the development


Expected impact (qualitative)


• Establish 5-10 additional companies (SMEs as well as bigger ones) in the Galilee; • Succeed in introducing Precision Agricultural methods to more than 10 farms; • Develop the programme with governmental involvement; • Attract over 5 million NIS a year for the development from governmental resources; • Increase the young population by 10% in the next 3 years; • Reduction of unemployment in the Galilee cities by 5%; • More funded projects at the Galilee research institutes, increase by 5%.


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Progress bar can help orient the user in terms of what the pilot was doing, what is happening now and what will happen in the future. While the structure of the bar will be the same for all pilots, its content will differ from pilot to pilot. A dynamic front end with a predetermined colour scheme can be used to differentiate past, present and future, like in the graphic below.


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