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Plan4all as one of the 133 Participating Organizations of GEO

Hana Kubíčková, Plan4all

Plan4all association (project partner of the PoliRural project) became one of the 133 Participating Organizations of the Group on Earth Observation (GEO). Due to the relatively short history of Plan4all, becoming a Participation Organization of the GEO is considered as a significant achievement and appreciation of our work and the work of our members. (See also the announcement at GEO’s website)

The main role of Participating Organizations is to Influence technical and policy decisions and contribute to the GEO Work Programme, and to benefit from the global community of Earth observation experts in sharing knowledge in the area of the GEO engagement priorities, namely regarding climate change, disaster risk reduction and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The key activities of Plan4all include utilisation of Earth observation data, sensor networks, crowdsourced/citizens science data and other geospatial data in various specialisms including spatial/urban planning, rural development, transport, environment, tourism and precision/autonomous agriculture.

By becoming a Participating Organization in the GEO, Plan4all hopes for better alignment of its activities with other members, sharing experience and contributing to the GEO community. 

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The overall ambition is to design, develop and introduce a platform that which will be modified on the base of real experiences during the project and prepare complex solutions, transferable to pilots and other regions. In addition to that, Polirural DIH aims to offer a solution for the global promotion of pilots. This DIH integrated technology, datasets and libraries in one infrastructure with a complex user-oriented portal in the Web environment. The DIH can connect end-users with developers or researchers to improve the impact of the demo applications or case studies by short-chain feedback from end-users. End users can join larger communities around the DIH to get advice, cooperation potential and access to modern technologies utilisation.


Polirural DIH AIMS TO

Provide a social space for a community of practices

Promote pilots work and support access to their analysis

Promote existing best practices

Offer new tools and technologies for testing

Provide access to digital technologies and competencies

Provide access to infrastructure and tests digital innovations (“test before invest”)

Support effective data management

Provide development playground for map-based projects

Offer training and skills development

Help in networking and connecting users and suppliers of digital innovations