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HSlayers NG

HSLayers-NG is a library which extends OpenLayers 6 functionality by providing a foundation to build map GUI and extra components such as layer manager, permalink generating, styling of vector features, including OpenGIS® Web Map Service Interface Standard (WMS) layers to the map in a user friendly way etc. HSLayers-NG is being built on top of the widely used web development frameworks AngularJS and Bootstrap and is licensed under the MIT license.

The framework offers integration components for the applications:

  • Map compositions component
    • provides interface to display and load map compositions from
      • Micka - stores the metadata of the map compositions
      • Layman - provides REST API to access the map compositions
  • Datasources component
    • loads map layer list and allows user to add them to the map as a new layer
      • data source of the layer list can be
        • Micka - provides metadata of the layers
        • Layman - provides REST API to access the layers

The following scheme depicts the relations between HSLayers-NG, Micka and Layman. GITHUB