Vidzeme - Latvia



Vidzeme - Latvia

The Latvian pilot will be managed by the Vidzeme Planning Region in cooperation with Latvian Rural Forum, Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics and Baltic Open Solutions Centre. Group of stakeholders will be gathered for the Advisory Board to support piloting team during the project lifetime.




Overall ambition is to embed pilot results into the region’s long-term and mid-term policy. With the help of local stakeholders, a dynamic toolbox will be prepared that is considering the newest and latest socioeconomic trends, agricultural and related industry foresight & analysis insights as well as findings.

Expected outputs


The expected outputs of Vidzeme pilot are as follows:

Input for Vidzeme Planning Region Development programme for 2021-2027

New measures and services with a special focus on newcomers

Tool for local authorities for collaboration-oriented policy development

Actions for developing rural attractiveness are defined, based on the scenarios modelled, collection, processing and mapping of qualitative and quantitative data on rural attractiveness

Expected impact (qualitative)


Rural places and professions are becoming more attractive for established rural populations and recent or potential newcomers, and they’ve been integrated into the regional development process. Interest of regional inhabitants in traditional fields such as agriculture and forestry has raised because of the cross-industry collaboration. Rural attractiveness serves as a factor for existing and / or potential entrepreneurs to develop their businesses in the region.


Policy makers




New entrants



Progress bar

Progress bar can help orient the user in terms of what the pilot was doing, what is happening now and what will happen in the future. While the structure of the bar will be the same for all pilots, its content will differ from pilot to pilot. A dynamic front end with a predetermined colour scheme can be used to differentiate past, present and future, like in the graphic below.


NeEDS gathering


Policy matching


Policy evaluation


Future outlook


Mission orientation

Vidzeme - outcome

Latvian pilot



Meet the Vidzeme Pilot team!

Vidzeme Planning Region

Latvian pilot Leader

Latvian Rural Forum 
Partner Organisation



Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics

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Baltic Open Solutions Center 
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