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PoliRural Newsletter #7

PoliRural Newsletter #7 is now available!
Main topics: It includes PoliRural latest results:

  • Pilots recent developments (from Segóbriga, Central Greece, Flanders , Galilee);
  • Participation of PoliRural in the “Rural Vision Week – Imagining the future of Europe’s Rural Areas”
  • SEGÓBRIGA 21st century: developing an interactive app for tourism innovation
  • Lessons learned from PoliRural: PoliRural Greek Pilot recent developments
  • Tools for Regional Foresight: The STEEPV Inventory of Drivers of Change
  • New entrants and new activities in the Flanders PoliRural Pilot
  • COVID-19 and the Digitalisation of the Galilee
  • Building Synergies: SHERPA’s (Rural Science-Society-Policy Interfaces) Contribution to the Long-term Vision for Rural Areas

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