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FIE20: Groundwater and meteo sensors

The web application integrates data from e.g. sensors on farm or fields (different sensors from various data providers and integrates in common data model of SensLog application),  it provides available thematic spatial data (field blocks, protected zones, soil maps), regularly updated remote sensing data (optical or radar images from Copernicus Sentinel-1 or Sentinel-2 satellites and derived vegetation indices or soil moisture) and it provides also current weather forecast as well as historical climatic data for selected farm. The developed web application offers various analyses starting from recommendations for field interventions planning based on weather forecast or decision-making support based on EO and remote sensing data for vegetation status, yield productivity zones delimitation etc. The web application uses functionalities of Lesprojekt Cloud and it is a unique solution due to the integration of various data and functionalities in one complete application. 

The application is available at: