Segóbriga - Spain



Segóbriga - Spain

Segóbriga is located in the municipality of Saelices, which is part of the Sierra Media Conquense area in Castilla la Mancha region. The main economic activity is agricultural production connected to a large share of the industrial sector in the area. This territory is characterized by presenting a poorly diversified economy based on agriculture with low added value. 94.69% of the UAA (utilised agricultural area), is oriented to the production of extensive crops (cereals and oil seeds) and permanent crops, olive oil (2.11%) and wine (3.11%).




The overall ambition is to explore the influence of a better performance of the Archaeological Park of Segóbriga, as a catalyst for a greater economic revitalization of the territory, by promoting diversification activities such as tourism, by increasing added-value of local products and small business, and by analyzing the enhance of the quality of life of the inhabitants, as well as the influence in the arrival of new comers

Expected outputs

  • Increase the number of visitors to the Segóbriga Archaeological Park by 10%;
  • Degree of satisfaction of visitors to the tourist experience in the territory;
  • Increase in 5% the visitors in other patrimonial, natural, gastronomic tourist resources (e.g. Monastery of Uclés);
  • Increase of 5% in the number of travellers and overnight stays in the accommodation of the territory;
  • Increase of 5% in the economic results in establishments (bars, restaurants, etc.) and other companies and industries of the territory (small agribusiness, small commerce, auxiliary services, etc.);
  • Increase of 5% in the farm income of holdings related with the agrifood industry in the area;
  • Number of new comers installed in the area;
  • Number of queries received interested in how to settle in the territory;
  • Creation and maintenance of employment in the territory, in companies of related sectors (tourism, agribusiness, auxiliary services, small businesses, etc.) and divided by gender and age, type of contract (men, women, temporary, permanent);
  • Degree of sense of belonging to the territory of rural inhabitants;
  • Degree of satisfaction of living in a rural area by the population of the territory.


Expected impact (qualitative)

  • Boost the economy of the territory, with an economic and employment impact, on companies in the territory such as restaurants, bars, accommodation, agrifood SMEs, auxiliary services companies, small businesses, etc.
  • Promote tourist visits to other resources of the territory, creating the idea of the whole territory as an integral resource, which includes heritage resources, local agri-food products, natural and environmental resources.
  • Create a new resource for visitors, raising awareness about heritage importance, in an attractive way, providing added value, and responding to the public demands in the current digital society.
  • Introduce visitors to the possibilities offered by new technologies in the field of heritage tourist visits, to present the rural areas with a vision of modernity and progress, where technologies are present and integrated.
  • Practice that could serves as an example to other resources in the territory, and to other territories.
  • Raise the feeling of regional identity among the inhabitants of the territory, as well as contribute to raise the prestige of living in a rural area.

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