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Häme - Finland

Kanta-Häme region has about 171,000 inhabitants and an area of 5700 square kilometers. Kanta-Häme region has small and medium-sized towns and many lakes, the largest of which is Vanajavesi. The Kanta-Häme regional center is located in Hämeenlinna. The population of Päijät-Häme area is over 201,000 and the total area is 6250 square kilometers. The regional center is located in the city of Lahti. Häme Pilot Region is mainly classified as rural areas close to urban areas.




The pilot will use PoliRural results to boost the region’s attractiveness by introducing business-friendly policies that can encourage new entrepreneurs to create products and services on circular-economy and well-being, which in the future may become a significant source of employment.


Expected outputs

The expected outputs of Häme are as follows:

Grassroot needs & factors of rural attractiveness

System Dynamics Model applied to Häme region

Needs policy canvas

Regional library for policy evaluation

Text mining solution applied to Häme region

Innovation Hub applied to Häme region

Regional recommendations

Regional action plan

Exploitation plan

Expected impact (qualitative)


• The stakeholders at the region widen and deepen their understanding and knowledge of rural attractiveness and its factors in Häme region; • The policy makers of the Häme region get new tools to adopt data-driven decision making process; • The cross-border cooperation, clustering and regional stakeholder cooperation generate ideas for new business opportunities and ideas in Häme region; • Strengthen the positive brand of Häme region; • PoliRural improves Häme region inhabitants’ well-being; • PoliRural increases the attractiveness of Häme region


Policy makers




New entrants



Progress bar

Progress bar can help orient the user in terms of what the pilot was doing, what is happening now and what will happen in the future. While the structure of the bar will be the same for all pilots, its content will differ from pilot to pilot. A dynamic front end with a predetermined colour scheme can be used to differentiate past, present and future, like in the graphic below.


NeEDS gathering


Policy matching


Policy evaluation


Future outlook


Mission orientation

Hame - outcomes



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