Mazowieckie - Poland



Mazowieckie - Poland

The Polish pilot will be managed by European Rural Development Network. Several regional and local stakeholders expressed interest in supporting the pilot informally: Lokalna Grupa Działania “Zielone Sąsiedztwo” (LGD ZS), Lokalny Rolnik, Gmina Brwinow and Polish Rural Forum.



The ambition is to go beyond the existing approaches and develop new, effective techniques to promote rural areas as a place of living and working for newcomers, in the context of strong impact produced by the agglomeration of rural areas, as well as changing patterns in food consumption (demand), health awareness and lifestyles.

Expected outputs


A set of challenges have been identified for Mazowieckie pilot:

A new service for young farmers

A new rural development program from the region

Development of policy strategies regarding rural development

New services for local communities

Access to local food

Quality of life

Better infrastructure

Expected impact (qualitative)


The pilot will analyse the existing policy instruments, targeting rural/local communities and how they affect the broader rural ecosystem. It will then introduce indicatores aimed at broadening the inclusion of consumers, rural organisations and farmers into existing food chains; chains that are local (e.g. purchasing initiatives) and based on new forms of market organisation (e.g. online platforms).


Policy makers




New entrants



Progress bar

Progress bar can help orient the user in terms of what the pilot was doing, what is happening now and what will happen in the future. While the structure of the bar will be the same for all pilots, its content will differ from pilot to pilot. A dynamic front end with a predetermined colour scheme can be used to differentiate past, present and future, like in the graphic below.


NeEDS gathering


Policy matching


Policy evaluation


Future outlook


Mission orientation

Mazowieckie - outcome

Poland Team



Meet the Mazowieckie Pilot team!

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