Gevgelija Strumica - North Macedonia



Gevgelija Strumica - North Macedonia

The Gevgelija-Strumica Region in the Republic of North Macedonia faces challenges of maintaining and achieving higher development of rural regions that requires a multi stakeholder approach in policy development and policy execution. Areas of required intervention for achieving higher attractiveness of the rural areas can be divided in several categories: economy, social inclusion, climate, young farmers, environment, awareness, technology, agricultural education, tax policy and market issues. Solving these challenges requires identifying horizontal streams that have an effect on all the above categories of challenges.




Developing policy measures that will ensure sustainable agricultural extension that will deliver high quality service on efficient and effective way, for solving all of the above categories of challenges. The pilot ambition will put a special attention on the needs and the role of young farmers in all relevant categories of challenges.


Expected outputs


Expected outputs are defined as follows:

New program for keeping and attracting the young population in the rural areas and agriculture as professional orientation

Designed approach for effective integration of the above two outputs in the future rural development programs on a state level

New model for agricultural extension service


Expected impact (qualitative)


• Growth in the rural economy; • Reduction of “push” migration and enabling of “pull” migration; • Decreasing of the average age of the rural population; • Enhancing the position of the farmers in the food value chain.


Policy makers




New entrants



Progress bar

Progress bar can help orient the user in terms of what the pilot was doing, what is happening now and what will happen in the future. While the structure of the bar will be the same for all pilots, its content will differ from pilot to pilot. A dynamic front end with a predetermined colour scheme can be used to differentiate past, present and future, like in the graphic below.


NeEDS gathering


Policy matching


Policy evaluation


Future outlook


Mission orientation

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